Sunday, April 6, 2008

Amesoeurs-Ruines Humaines EP (2006)

Yet another masterpiece from Neige of Alcest/Peste Noire/Mortifera fame. A beautiful, melancholic blending of post-punk, shoegaze, and black metal. The only complaint is that this EP is not long enough. If you are a fan of any of neige's work, or are just a black metal fan with an open mind, I absolutely recommend this album. Highly. Northern Silence Productions. 

1. Bonheur Amputé  4:32
2. Ruines Humaines  6:25
3. Faiblesse des Sens  5:02

Total Running:  15:59

République Française

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eternallydamned said...

The only thing I can do here is to strongly recommend this work for all those who loves Alcest like me. This is the briliant fusion of all the styles that Vinlander described. Just few seconds after the beginning of the first cut you will exactly know what are you going to enjoy. Oppression, which gives wings (I apologize for such kitschy words, but my english isnt good :-) ).