Sunday, April 6, 2008

Angantyr-Sejr (2004)

Far and away my favorite Danish black metal band, Angantyr combine a distinctly scandinavian black metal sound with pagan elements and a heavy use of melody, as well as the incorporation of violin. Highly recommend anything by this band. For fans of Taake, Windir, and 2nd-wave Scandinavian black metal. Blasting Black Semtax Attack Records. 

1. En Falden Kriger  7:58
2. Niddingdåd  6:33
3. Sølverpilens Kald  6:42
4. Hadets Sorte Flamme  6:00
5. Blodet Er Styrken  8:27
6. Slettes Skal Mindet  6:15
7. Tag Dig I Agt  5:00
8. Sejr  7:15

Total Running:  54:10

Kongeriget Danmark

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