Sunday, April 6, 2008

Angantyr-Hævn (2007)

The most recent album from Denmark's masters of pagan black metal. Beautiful, atmospheric melodies, aided by use of a cello, along with an old-school black metal edge. Highly recommended. Det Germanske Folket Records. 

1. Et Varsel Om Død  8:07
2. Thulens Ord  8:17
3. Baghold  8:52
4. Tågefolket  11:29
5. Danemordet  7:42
6. Fødslen Og Byttet  9:52
7. Blod For Blod, Liv For Liv  17:13

Total Running:  1:11:32

Kongeriget Danmark

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eternallydamned said...

Im joining Vinlander with recommendation...I always enjoyed the creations of dark vikings of Angantyr, but this masterpiece is absolutely one of their greatest, maybe I should say this one is the very greatest! The idea of cello co-operated with less or more classic black metal production is just briliant. Sound is excellent, and dont be worry about the song lenght, you will NOT be bored!