Sunday, April 6, 2008

Anti-The Insignificance of Life (2006)

Absolutely stunning debut full-length from Germany's Anti. Absolutely oppressive and depressive black metal. While the genre is flooded with many mediocre bands, Anti stands out from the pack, as a truly unique, particularly good depressive black metal band. Obscure Abhorrence Productions. 

1. Nothing  4:02
2. Landscape in Minor
3. Invocation  6:02
4. Farewell (Escape into Beyond)  6:09
5. Zero Point  3:36
6. Mourning Soul (Absurd cover)  3:33

Total Running:  29:16

Bundesrepublik Deutschland

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eternallydamned said...

Though Im bit dissapointed with todays "funeral black metal" scene, Im very glad that I can always return back to the pieces like Anti. The more bands of this style I listen to, the more I think that anybody who listen to Abyssic Hate and plays guitar for 3 months is going to form another group full of depression, suicidal thoughts and will scream about the neverending sadness of the word, human filth and everlasting loneliness. But this guy definitely knows what he is doing and he is doing it very well. Though I would sometimes change the vocal level, I recommend this album, despite of nowadays 100 000 depressed musicians.