Sunday, April 6, 2008

Arkha Sva-Gloria Satanae (2007)

A very bizarre, interesting, macabre, and all-around awesome band. While the members are incredibly secretive, it is known that they have their origins in Japan, but their contact address is in France, and they have very heavy ties to the L.L.N. That being said, on to the music. There are definitely some strong ties, melodically, to the French scene. The stand-out aspect of this band is certainly the vocals, from harsh black metal rasps, to King Diamond-esque falsettos. A very unique, but none-the-less solidly ass-kicking release. Aura Mystique Records. 

1. 49 Evil Spirits  5:23
2. Down in Blaze and Pain  6:37
3. Chant IX  0:50
4. The Malicious Eye  4:59
5. IIIIII  6:46
6. Chant XI  0:47
7. Thy Baptism  6:32
8. Gloria Satanae  12:01
9. Nameless Rebellious  6:08

Total Running: 50:03


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