Monday, April 7, 2008

Astrofaes-Ancestors' Shadows (2002)

Along with the mighty Nokturnal Mortum, Hate Forest, and Drudkh, Astrofaes is one of the leaders of the now quite popular Ukrainian black metal scene. This album is a good representation of the quality folk-infused, fervently nationalistic black metal being created by Astrofaes. Recommended to anyone who likes the Ukrainian scene. This is my personal favorite of their albums, but all are high quality. Eclipse Productions. 

1. On the Eternal Way  5:49
2. Under the Cover of Destiny  5:42
3. Thunder I Shall Bring  7:54
4. Immortality Reached Fire  6:12
5. After the Battle  7:44
6. The Last Dawn  5:22
7. The Call of My Land  7:00

Total Running:  45:43


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