Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Blood Red Fog-Blood Red Fog (2006)

The debut full length from Finnish Depressive/Suicidal Black Metal band Blood Red Fog. I very entrancing, yet oppressive black metal album...higly recommended to DSBM fans, as this is well done; a remarkably stand-out album. Grievantee Productions. 

1. Bloodthirsty Soil  10:32
2. Ruins  6:35
3. Follower  7:49
4. Morbid Sleep  11:08
5. Visions of Destruction  9:25
6. Kingdom of Death  9:19
7. Frozen  14:16

Total Running:  1:09:42


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eternallydamned said...

Very good piece, though Im very careful in the waters of deppresive BM today what to call good. Atmospheric slow/mid tempo music with beautiful raw sound, but what is important, good played IDEAS, which is the most lack of many bands in this style. In the territory of suicidal black Blood Red Fog shines through mass and Im very curious for the next recording.