Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Branikald-Frost Vision (Khladavzor) (1999)

For my money, Branikald is easily one of the very best of the Blazebirth Hall bands. An atmosphere permeates Branikald's music that is very intangible...but there is sorrow, strength, hatred, and a whole slew of other emotions. Keep in mind, this is very raw, production-wise...but it is some of the best black metal to come out of Russia. For fans of any of the Blazebirth bands, or fans of well-crafted, hateful, raw, and original black metal. Stellar Winter. 

1. Na Volnah Vdohnoven'ya  14:12
2. Strun Natyanutyh Vdohnoven'ya Stal'  8:41
3. Dikiy Rodich Parusov  8:15
4. ...Gde Nochi Kray  9:01
5. Stuzhi Golos  7:26
6. Hladavzor  4:04

Total Running:  51:40


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