Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Branikald-The Mead of Misanthropy (1998)

Another wonderful release by Blazebirth Hall giants Branikald. This music is raw, hateful, and very well-executed. As with all Branikald releases, this is high quality black metal. If raw production turns you off, however, this may not be your cup of tea. But to anyone else, this is absolutely spectacular black metal. For fans of the Blazebirth bands, or even some of the Ukrainian bm bands such as Hate Forest and Astrofaes. Ewiges Eis. 

1. In der Hitze des Geistes  5:52
2. Mit der Klinge aufrichtigen Blickes  5:38
3. Mit dem Blut der wilden Jagd  5:05
4. Rausch der Misanthropie  5:49
5. Vetram Voronokrylym (Den Winden, Die Krähegeflügelt Sind)  8:02
6. ...Deine umherwanderte Stimme  4:27
7. VII  4:23
8. VIII  4:29

Total Running:  43:29


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