Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Branikald-Triumf Voli (2001)

Yet another stunning release from the Russian Blazebirth Hall legends, Branikald. This release sees the production tidied up a bit, but fear not, it's still raw as hell. Just another amazing release from an amazing band. Recommended to fans of the other Blazebirth bands, as well as Hate Forest, Astrofaes, and the like. Totenkopf Propaganda. 

1. Meine Ehre Hiesst Treue  5:32
2. Fight is Life, Life is Fight  4:31
3. Istoku Yasnosti  2:47
4. Raven Fierce  5:51
5. Aryan Myth  4:41
6. For the Aryan Lands  6:53
7. Heil Wotan!  7:00
8. Yee, River, River...  2:53

Total Running:  36:38


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