Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Branikald-Av VinterKald (1997)

Just another stunning release from Russia's Branikald. Easily some of the best black metal to come from Russia. As with all Branikald releases, the production here is raw as hell, but it ultimately adds to the already intense amounts of atmosphere. A big recommendation to anyone who enjoys well-crafted, amazing black metal, and who can deal with poor production. Recommended. Total Holocaust Records. 

1. Night and Fog (Intro)  4:08
2. To a Frigid Luminary of the Night  9:40
3. Burning All the Bridges Behind Myself  7:52
4. Evilwinged Songs of the Tragic Centuries  6:11
5. Reich of the Winter Frost  7:41
6. The Depths of Pulsations (Outro)  5:38

Total Running:  41:10


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