Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Burzum-Det Som Engang Var (1993)

This album needs no introduction. The second full length from one of the most notorious names in black metal. Love him or hate him, Varg Vikernes has single-handedly influenced hundreds, if not thousands of bands in existence today, due to the complete uniqueness of Burzum's music, be it the depressive, down tempo black metal, the piercing shrieks, the heavy pagan influences, the emphasis on minimalism; it all really comes down to Burzum. If you don't have it, kick yourself, and then download it. Cymophane Productions. 

1. Den Onde Kysten  2:21
2. Key to the Gate  5:15
3. En Ring Til Å Herske  7:10
4. Lost Wisdom  4:39
5. Han Som Reiste  4:51
6. Når Himmelen Klamer  3:50
7. Snu Mikrokosmos Tegn  9:38
8. Svarte Troner  2:16

Total Running:  40:00


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