Thursday, April 10, 2008

Branikald-Tingov Naslazhdajas Rasprej (2000)

Yet another album from Russian BlazeBirth legends, Branikald. This album sees a little more focus on powerful clean vocals, but fear not, Kaldrad's hateful, spitting rasp is still quite present. As with all Branikald albums, this album is highly recommended, especially to those who appreciate very well-made black metal. Unknown record label. 

1. Intro  3:54
2. Priboyem Vdohnovenja Voln  5:53
3. Doblesti Duhu  4:38
4. Instrumental  6:09
5. Tingov Naslazhdajas Rasprej  4:57
6. Instrumental  6:33
7. Voli I Jarosti  6:48

Total Running:  43:20


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