Thursday, April 10, 2008

Death in June-All Pigs Must Die (2001)

A newer album from one of the masters of the Neofolk/Apocalyptic folk world, Death in June. Like most of his newer work, this is more of an acoustic-based outing, with a very personal feel to it. I highly recommend all Death in June, to anyone with in a love for neofolk/apocalyptic folk, and anyone with an open mind. 

1. All Pigs Must Die  3:01
2. Tick Tock  3:07
3. Disappear in Every Way  2:48
4. The Enemy Within  3:43
5. We Said Destroy II  3:52
6. Flies Have Their House  4:11
7. With Bad Blood  4:13
8. No Pig Day (Some Night We're Going to Party Like it's 1969)  3:28
9. We Said Destroy III  4:10
10. Lord of the Sties  2:57
11. Ride Out!  3:46

Total Running:  39:09

United Kingdom

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