Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Burzum-Filosofem (1996)

Arguably Varg's most influential work, this is simply a legendary album, on par with what Led Zeppelin IV is to 70's hard rock. This album is Varg truly coming into his own, creating one of the most distinct sounds in black metal, melding his intense minimalism, his synth work, and his his earlier black metal sound, perfecting and honing it into what many would call his best album. A stark contrast to the blast beats, fast pacing, and the rather juvenile satanism of other 2nd wave bands like Mayhem, Emperor, or Darkthrone, this is a much slower, dirge-paced album...the original depressive black metal album, if you will. Highly recommended to all, even if you aren't into black metal. Misanthropy Records. 

1. Dunkelheit  7:05
2. Jesus' Tod  8:39
3. Erblicket Die Töchter Des Firmaments  7:53
4. Gebrechlichkeit I  7:53
5. Rundgang um die Transzendentale Säule der Singularität  25:11
6. Gebrechlichkeit II  7:53

Total Running:  1:04:34


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Roger Camden said...

One of my favorite albums of all time, indeed one of the best ever.