Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Current 93-Sleep Has His House (2000)

An intensely personal album for David Tibet, this Current 93 album was written by Tibet as a reaction to the passing of his father. Truly a beautiful piece of music, from beginning to end. Even if you don't like other Current 93 albums, give this one a shot; it's absolutely worth it. Highly recommended. Durtro. 

1. Love's Young Dream  3:02
2. Good Morning, Great Moloch  3:29
3. The Magical Bird in the Magical Woods  8:45
4. Red Hawthorn Tree  4:33
5. Immortal Bird  6:32
6. Neimandswasser  6:08
7. Lullaby  1:44
8. Sleep Has His House  24:15
9. The God of Sleep has Made His House  4:31

Total Running:  1:02:52

United Kingdom

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