Saturday, April 12, 2008

Drowning the Light-Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride (2007)

Drowning the Light is a relatively new name on the map, as far as black metal goes. Musically, it seems to be a kindred spirit of the french LLN scene, with similar imagery, as well as a rather distinct "french" sound....very melodic, melancholic, beautiful black metal. The production here is quite raw, but don't let that turn you is some of the best new black metal around. Winterreich Records. 

1. The Cry of the Wolf  1:45
2. Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride  8:38
3. My Honour is True  3:37
4. Fight... Till the Lonesome End  4:40
5. Immortal Bloodline  3:51
6. To the End of Time Part II  4:46
7. Lucifer, Who Lights My Path  4:35
8. Last Breath  4:12

Total Running:  36:04

Commonwealth of Australia

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