Saturday, April 12, 2008

Der Blutharsch-The Track of the Hunted (2000)

Der Blutharsch is the martial/industrial project of Albin Julius, a name well-known in neofolk circles, due to his collaborations with such notables as Douglas Pearce of Death in June. This album is magnificent, beginning to end...heavy in atmosphere, with a pervasive apocalyptic feel, as well as a sort of totalitarian, Roman-esque feel that is so pervasive in Martial industrial music. I cannot recommend this album enough. 

1. (Untitled)  2:03
2. (Untitled)  3:39
3. (Untitled)  4:27
4. (Untitled)  2:06
5. (Untitled)  3:21
6. (Untitled)  2:28
7. (Untitled)  3:30
8. (Untitled)  4:13
9. (Untitled)  2:22
10. (Untitled)  16:32

Total Running:  44:40


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Number 6 said...

Nice one. This is a very nice piece from Der Blutarsch and I highly recommend it.

Be seeing you.