Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mortifera-Complainte d'une Agonie Celeste (2003)

One of my all-time faovrite French black metal bands, Mortifera, involves the collaborative forces of two giants within the scene, Noktu (Celestia, Gestapo 666, ex-Peste Noire), and Neige (Alcest, Amesoeurs, Peste Noire), to create some of the most memorable and well-crafted black metal around. Raw and filthy production, mixed with melancholic, beautiful guitar riffs with a distinct French twist, and a darkly romantic atmosphere. I highly recommend all Mortifera, especially for fans of the aforementioned bands. Goatowarex. 

1. L'Influence D'Alhena  4:56
2. Sepulcre de Mortt-Vastiia Necroiion  3:31
3. Complainte d'une Agonie Celeste  5:13
4. Abstracte-Negotion-Ressurectiay  3:51

Total Running:  16:51


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