Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mortifera-Vastiia Tenebrd Mortifera (2004)

An absolutely amazing release. Born of the creative minds of Noktu and Neige, this is some of the best black metal the French scene has ever produced. Raw, melodic, atmospheric, melancholic, beautiful, and romantic are just some of the fitting adjectives. I HIGHLY recommend this fine piece of black art. GoatowaRex. 

1. Fvrahgments  3:42
2. Le Revenant  4:34
3. A Last Breath Before Extinction  5:32
4. Epilogue d'une Existence de Cryssthal  3:11
5. Ciel Brouillé  5:49
6. Abstrbve Negabvtiyon Rebssurectyion  4:39
7. Aux Confins des Tenebrss  2:51
8. Fruits of a Tragic End (Celestia cover)  4:22

Total Running:  34:40


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