Saturday, April 5, 2008

October Falls-Sarastus EP (2007)

The most recent EP from Finland's October Falls. While most of Mikko's music in October Falls has has a neofolk bent, "The Streams of the End" EP flirted with dark metal. Sarastus marks a return to his melancholic, gloomy, stripped-down, and beautiful neofolk sound. No Sign of Life Records. 

1. I  3:22
2. II  2:09
3. III  0:33
4. IV  3:21
5. V  2:44
6. VI  0:29
7. VII  2:36
8. VIII  3:05
9. IX  1:03 

Total Running:  19:25

Suomen Tasavalta

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eternallydamned said...

Despite the way shown on The streams of the end, October Falls returned with their purest material. This is short, but very intensive view back to Marras and Tuoni with all the melancholic atmosphere and oppressive beauty of nature. And I say this EP is simply great! If this should the dot at the end of one era, then it is a DOT. For all fans of Empyrium, Váli, and all of the neo-folk masters like In Gowan Ring, Olam Ein Sof, Forseti, Neun Welten, Nebelung, Nature and Organisation etc. Im looking forward to The womb of primordial nature, the next LP going to be released on June 2008 and Im curious what surprise will be given to us.