Saturday, April 12, 2008

Woods of Infinity-Ljuset (2005)

Yet another bizarre, macabre, but ultimately amazing black metal offering from Sweden's Woods of Infinity. If you have an open mind, when it comes to black metal, this could be right up your alley. Post-punk melodies, acoustic folksy passages, demented and bizarre vocals, and a slightly depressive atmosphere makes this an all-together interesting, unique, and rewarding listen. For fans of Lifelover, Amesoeurs, Forgotten Woods, Joyless, etc; Total Holocaust Records. 

1. Genever  5:31
2. Ett Förlorat Barn  4:12
3. Tankeväckande Självömkan  5:28
4. Summon the Lord of Blasphemy  4:05
5. A Love Story  5:08
6. Tvåfaldig Vikt är en Styggelse för Herren  8:20
7.  Epigram  5:14
8. Metamorfos  7:02
9. Across the Fields of Forever (Edge of Sanity cover)  6:22
10. Kroppen Var Mitt Fängelse  7:15
11. Eksynyt  7:49

Total Running:  1:06:30


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