Saturday, April 12, 2008

Woods of Infinity- Hejdå (2005)

One of the most twisted, bizarre, and stunningly original acts in black metal today, in my opinion, is Woods of Infinity.  Melancholic, almost borderline post-punk riffs, demented clean singing along with the shrieks and howls, bizarre acoustic folk-like passages, even a Barry Manilow can all be found here. All Woods of Infinity albums are a rewarding listen, and this one is no exception. I'd recommend this to fans of Lifelover, Amesoeurs, and even Forgotten Woods and Joyless. Total Holocaust Records. 

1. Köld  6:39
2. Under Färden  7:24
3. Kärlek och Vänskap  6:00
4. Piskar Ut Mitt Hat  5:14
5. En Förgången Tid  9:38
6. Det Som Hände  6:10
7. Old Songs (Barry Manilow cover)  4:18
8. Sakrament  5:55

Total Running:  51:18


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