Friday, April 11, 2008

Wyrd-Kammen (2007)

Once again, musical chameleons Wyrd surprise us with completely new and interesting directions. This album still has traces of the pagan folk black metal that they started with, but there is much more of a focus on their melodic death metal directions, and even some old-school, Candlemass/Sabbath-worshipping doom metal. Fear not, for there are still delicate folk interludes, and the black metal elements of their roots. Recommended. Avantgarde Music. 

1. The Hounds of the Falls  10:15
2. Cold in the Earth  4:52
3. October  7:27
4. These Empty Rooms  5:47
5. Kammen  5:29
6. The Last Time  6:48
7. Rajalla  17:53
8. Soulburn  6:32
9. I Break (Katatonia cover)  4:24

Total Running:  1:09:27



Zhuinden said...

Despite how great it is that you posted a pretty nice discography of Wyrd, which is one of my favorite bands, I somewhat miss my favorite ALBUM, Rota. So, here are two links for it, as I really miss it from this collection. (Instrumental) (Vocal)

Warrior Avenger said...

The second link is broken ...