Friday, April 11, 2008

Wyrd-Vargtimmen Pt.I: The Inmost Night (2003)

Wyrd is well-known for throwing musical curveballs, and changing the general sound/feel of their music from release to release. Vargtimmen Pt. I is no exception. It is not nearly as raw and depressive as the previous albums, but there's is more of a focus on the folk elements of the music, with a lot of acoustic guitar passages, beautiful synth lines, and even a good amount of clean singing. This is, however, still at it's core, a pagan black metal release, with plenty of head-bangable riffs to boot. I recommend this for fans of everyone from Satanic Warmaster, to even Agalloch. Highly recommended, as are all Wyrd's releases. Solistitium. 

1. The Lonely Sea  12:40
2. Autumn  5:19
3. Vargtimmen  8:11
4. Sad Song of the Woods  17:28
5. Outro  4:54

Total Running:  48:38


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