Friday, April 11, 2008

Wyrd-Vargtimmen Pt.II: Ominous Insomnia (2004)

Another fine album by Wyrd, this album sees even more experimentation, musically, with doom-like dirges, and synth-laden interludes. This album also continues some of the musical themes of Vargtimmen pt.I. Another very unique and rewarding pagan black metal recording. Solistitium Records. 

1. The Wicker Man  13:07
2. The Pale and the Dead  6:35
3. Redemption  2:00
4. Ominous Insomnia  7:24
5. Cold, Son of the Wind  9:19
6. Ghost of Winter  6:41
7. Deception  8:43

Total Running:  53:49


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