Monday, May 12, 2008

Bergthron-Leben und Lebenswille (2007)

Stunning, most recent album from Germany's Bergthron. This single album crosses many, many genres, to create an entire pagan metal listening experience. There are elements for fans of everything from death metal, to viking metal, to Teutonic folk music, to neofolk, to punk, to classic metal, and of course, raw black metal. This album keeps it's ideas fresh, and there is never a dull moment on this record. I'd recommend this to fans of everyone from Absurd, to Agalloch, Forseti, Vintersorg, Bathory, Wyrd, and everyone in between. Highly recommended! Perverted Taste Records. 

1. Tagesraunen  4:14
2. Die Harpunen jagen wieder  4:45
3. Im Walhornbann  5:52
4. Unter schroffen Segein  9:50
5. Arktische Hysterie  5:22
6. Feuer und Tundra  4:56
7. Eistrollzorn  6:07
8. Geistesreise  4:36
9. Tausend Berge, tausend Flüsse  5:31
10. Unter dem Bogen des Nordlichtes  8:02
11. Rot  3:25
12. In des Freudentaumels' Griff  11:30

Total Running:  1:14:10


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