Friday, May 30, 2008

Thus Defiled-Daemonspawn (2007)

Most recent album from blackened thrash maniacs, Thus Defiled. This is yet another ass-kicking album, from beginning to end, chocked full of neck-snappin' thrash riffs, blasting black metal parts, face-melting solos, and produced by the legendary James Murphy, this is everything a blackened thrash fan wants. Topped off nicely with an awesome Slayer cover, this is a blackened thrash album to have. Highly recommended. Shadowflame Productions. 

1. Genesis in Darkness  1:26
2. ...And They Shall Fear the Night  9:13
3. Blackreign (Crown of Horns)  4:39
4. Demonwielder  3:43
5. Beyond the Seventh Circle of Fire  8:55
6. Dreamraper  6:01
7. Astaroth (The Art of Balance in Darkness)  8:02
8. The Living Shadows of Sumeria  1:04
9. Black Magic (Slayer cover)  4:18

Total Running:  47:21

United Kingdom


Anonymous said...

Probably the best band I've listened to in several months. Thank you for the upload

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