Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Fanisk-Die and Become (2002)

Debut from epic/symphonic NSBM band, Fanisk. Whether or not you agree with the philosophies expressed in this band, you should definitely check this out for music alone. Very, very epic, atmospheric, synth-laden black metal that reminds, at times of Summoning's symphonic offerings. All in all, a very very good release. Highly recommended. Firehand Forge. 

1. The Breath of Boreas  2:16
2. Return to Ice  9:21
3. Catastrophic Light  10:00
4. Polaris  15:31
5. Winds of the Golden Lur  12:36
6. As the Sparks Sang in their Ascent  2:13

Total Running:  52:00

United States of America

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