Thursday, May 22, 2008

Odal-Einst Verehrt von Allen EP(2003)

2003 EP from Germany's Odal. One of my favorite German black metal acts of late, Odal blends the melodicism and spirit of Satanic Warmaster, and even early Windir, with a distinctly pagan attitude and atmosphere. Absolutely wonderful riffs, beautiful, memorable riffs, and amazing atmosphere all collide to make an all-around wonderful EP of some of the finest in German pagan black metal. Highly recommended. Christhunt Productions. 

1. Einst Verehrt von Allen  5:04
2. Thüringland in Eisiger Kälte  6:14
3. ...Durchwandernd die Heimat  6:57
4. Germansk  2:37

Total Running:  20:52


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Anonymous said...

German music is awesome music period.

-Zane of ontario honey