Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ulfhethnar-Von deutscher Art (2005)

Phenomenal full-length from Ulfhethnar, the R.A.C.-influenced side project of Widar, the mastermind behind the likes of Bilskirnir. This music, overall, has a very uplifting, almost triumphant feel to it, creating a very enjoyable atmosphere. The melodies that Widar creates are always wonderful, regardless of what project he's writing for, and this is no exception. If you like Bilskirnir, you need to check out this, as well. As with the previous post, this album is obviously an album centered heavily around German nationalism, but if you don't prescribe to those beliefs, don't let that spoil this for you, because this is just absolutely great music. Highly recommended! Wewelsburg Records. 

1. Einmarsch  1:47
2. Friedhof in Böhmen  2:31
3. Neue Weltordnung  3:39
4. Sonnenrad  3:44
5. Totengedenken  3:45
6. Heilig Vaterland  3:41
7. Kampfgeschlecht  2:20
8. Der Fahnenträger  3:09
9. Ein letzter Gruß  2:48
10. Entwurzeit, verblödet, umerzogen  4:13
11. Kameradengrab  3:28
12. Noch in Ketten  3:03
13. Heimkehr  2:05

Total Running:  40:21


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Anonymous said...

I love uplifting music gotta take a listen to this.

-Zane of ontario honey