Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Nachtmystium-Worldfall EP (2008)

Amazing new EP from Nachtmystium. If you've followed them at all, you know their last EP, and last LP, started them in a new direction, blending their raw black metal attack, with amazing ambience, psychedelia, and more metal influences from outside the somewhat constricting confines of black metal. They have evolved from a fairly traditional black metal band, to a very intriguing, downright amazing band. On this EP, in addition to the new tracks, and a re-recorded track, we also get to see two new faces of Nachtmystium, with two VERY different band covers (those being Death in June and Goatsnake!). I HIGHLY recommend this album to any open-minded metal fans who are looking for something new in their black metal. Century Media. 

1. Worldfall  7:10
2. Depravity  4:54
3. Solitary Voyage  6:24
4. Roseclouds of Holocaust (Death in June cover)  3:21
5. IV (Goatsnake cover)  4:29

Total Running:  26:18

United States of America

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