Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fullmoon-United Aryan Evil (1995)

Phenomenal 1995 demo from Poland's Fullmoon. This band was considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of the NSBM scene, despite never releasing any full-lengths, but rather just a series of demos and rehearsals. But on to the music: this is wonderfully-composed, raw, yet very atmospheric black metal; wonderful, memorable riffs, subtle and tastefull keys, a good, old fashioned raw (yet listenable) production, great vocals-it's all here. Graveland fans, take note: Rob Darken played a big role in the recording of this demo, not only playing and composing the intro and outro, but also contributing in the songwriting process itself; so naturally, there are some similarities to Graveland's music here. As with all NS releases, if you disagree with the ideologies, I still urge you to check it out for the music's sake: this is very well-made black metal that just happens to be NS. Don't let that make you miss out on a wonderful listen. Highly recommended. Isengard Productions. 

1. Aryans Ride over Falling Israel  1:33
2. The Wolfish Initiation  12:54
3. Carpathian Windspirit  1:49
4. The Pagan Mountain  7:50
5. Blood for Immortality  8:26
6. In Thy Silver Glare  1:26

Total Running:  34:15


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad they never released any full length albums.

-Zane of ontario honey