Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nyktalgia-Nyktalgia (2004)

Debut release from depressive/suicidal black metal band, Nyktalgia. Unlike so many DSBM bands, Nyktalgia manages to mix a tasteful portion of Burzum influence, with their own distinct style, to create a cold, depressing atmosphere that doesn't sound hokey or trite. Recommended. No Colours Records. 

1. Misere Nobis  11:06
2. Lamento Larmoyant  9:56
3. Cold Void  7:33
4. Exitus Letalis  11:51

Total Running:  40:26


1 comment:

eternallydamned said...

One of the best recent DSBM, with very sick screamer behind the microphone...