Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Velvet Cacoon-Northsuite (2005)

Another release of bizarre, DXM-influenced, hypnotic, ambient, minimalist black metal from Velvet Cacoon. This is a collection of their "Red Steeples" demo, and their "Music for Falling Buildings" demo, and overall, this release is wonderful. Full of hypnotic minimalism and ambience that paints images of oceans and the nightsky, this is for the listener who wants to immerse themselves and drop out of reality for a little while. Recommended! Ivory Snowfish Music. 

1. Northsuite  11:40
2. Winterglow  8:47
3. Fire Bloomed from Frost  4:45
4. Chapelflames  6:42
5. Salts & Ashes  9:08
6. Bloodscents  9:15
7. Fire Bloomed from Frost (demo)  5:18
8. Dieselflame Novapyre 1892 (demo)  6:11

Total Running:  1:01:46

United States of America

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