Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mael Mórdha-Cluain Tarbh (2005)

The first official full-length from Ireland's Mael Mórdha. They play a mixture of folk/pagan metal, mixed with a very pronounced doom metal influence, beautiful keyboard melodies, and a rich pagan atmosphere. Some aspects of Mael Mórdha are very similar to their fellow countrymen, Primordial, but Mael Mórdha takes a much more doom-laden approach, with more traditional metal influence, as well. An absolutely great band. Recommended! Karmageddon Media. 

1. An Tús  0:56
2. Winds of One Thousand Winters  5:51
3. The Serpent and the Black Lake  6:55
4. Cluain Tarbh  6:45
5. I Am the Wench's Bane  4:21
6. The Man All Hate to Love  10:15
7. Pauper of Souls  5:02
8. Realms of Insanity  6:41

Total Running:  46:46


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