Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ensiferum-Dragonheads EP (2006)

This EP was released to showcase Ensiferum's new singer/guitarist, Petri Lindroos (Norther), after the departure of Jari. While this has been a cause for division amongst many Ensiferum fans, I personally don't think the band suffered at all. This EP shows that Petri can fill Jari's shoes more than adequately. This album contains a new song (Dragonheads), two re-recordings from their demos (Warrior's Quest, White Storm), an Amorphis cover, and a beautiful medley of Finnish folk songs. Highly recommended to all folk metal fans, as this is a spectacular EP. Spinefarm Records. 

1. Dragonheads  5:21
2. Warrior's Quest  4:53
3. Kalevala Melody  1:47
4. White Storm  4:56
5. Into Hiding (Amorphis cover)  3:49
6. Finnish Medley  5:09

Total Running:  25:55


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