Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Geist-Patina (2005)

Spectacular first full-length release from Germany's Geist. This album opens with delicate keys and acoustic guitars, setting a very ethereal, yet very cold atmosphere. When it all kicks in, it becomes quite apparent this is a damn good black metal release. Well-written riffs, good black metal production, as well as lengthy dark ambient segments, beautiful neofolk-ish acoustic sections, and an ability to create amazing songs across the gamut of black metal genres, with depressive influence, heavy second-wave norwegian influence, folk influence, you name it. I recommend this to all fans of good, atmospheric black metal. Solistitium Records. 

1. Snow White  2:55
2. Wanderer Bei Feis Und Fjord  5:36
3. Thanatos Phobein  7:56
4. Winters Schwingenschlag  9:09
5. Norn  3:56
6. Patina  12:12
7. Jingizu  3:56
8. Spätsommerabende  8:17

Total Running:  53:57



Alex B said...

I like a lot Black metal,but it´s necessary to be honest: the genre came down to repetition and repetition with no good ideas. And Geist is a proof of this.

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