Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thyrfing-Thyrfing (1998)

Thyrfing is another one of my favorite folk/viking metal bands. This debut full-length is really what started to break them into the scene, and with good reason. An absolutely pervasive viking atmosphere is present throughout, with wonderful melodies (mostly presented in the synth lines), and a mix of black metal rasps, and Bathory-esque viking choir sections. I highly recommend all Thyrfing albums, and this is no exception. Hammerheart Productions. 

1. Raven Eyes  3:37
2. Vargavinter  2:59
3. Set Sail to Plunder  4:22
4. Ur Askan Ett Rike  3:04
5. Celebration of Our Victory  4:43
6. A Burning Arrow  2:50
7. En Döende Mans Förbannelse  3:34
8. Hednaland  3:34
9. Wotan's Fire  4:32
10. Going Berserk  5:09

Total Running:  38:24


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