Thursday, May 8, 2008

Varg-Wolfszeit (2007)

Some excellent folk/viking metal from Germany's Varg. They are a relatively new, up-and-coming band, and this is their first full-length. This is full of ass-kicking riffs, full of melody and folk influence, plenty of head bangable parts, mixing melodic death metal, power metal, and folk metal in a way that is, in some ways, similar to Ensiferum's approach. Varg, however, manages to retain their own unique sound that is definitely a good thing. Recommended to all fans of folk/viking metal! Heiden Klangwerke. 

1. Windzeit  1:40
2. Wolfszeit  6:53
3. Asatru  4:10
4. Skål  5:06
5. Donareiche  5:51
6. Schlachtgebet  1:36
7. Heldentod  6:43
8. Blutdienst  4:02
9. Das alte Feuer  6:26
10. Weltenbrand  2:43

Total Running:  45:14


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