Monday, May 26, 2008

Ljå-Vedderbaug (2002)

Spectacular 2002 demo from a relatively new band in the Norwegian black metal scene, Ljå. This is fast, melodically-inclined, masterfully created black metal, and doubly impressive for a demo, no less. Moments of blast-beat-ridden ferocity and buzzsaw riffing, mixed with delicate acoustic parts, midtempo melodic black metal segments... it's all here. I'd recommend this for fans of bands such as Taake, Dissection, and even bands such as Watain. 

1. Skamslåtte Engler  8:34
2. Vind  2:58
3. Guds Klamme Haand  5:23
4. De Med Pigger  4:01
5. Blodtaar  1:27
6. Udenomskjaersk Faen  4:39
7. Lanternens Grusomme Fravaer  0:11
8. Victorinox  2:58

Total Running:  30:11