Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lurker of Chalice-Demo 2002 (2002)

2002 Demo from Wrest's (Leviathan) other project, Lurker of Chalice. This demo is an absolute gem, up to the same quality standards as all of Wrest's other releases. Here, we have more of Wrest's sonic experimentation, with bizarre ambient parts, post-rock influenced sections, neofolk and industrial touches, in addition to Wrest's trademark twisted and macabre black metal stylings. Highly recommended. (While 11 tracks are listed, there are only 10 tracks on the demo.)

1. Lurker of Chalice  4:11
2. Drink Deeply, These Miles of Night  4:21
3. Unconscious Years of Mare Crisium Clavius  5:26
4. Donning the Cloak of Tides  6:33
5. Granite  5:10
6. The Glory Experiment  8:50
7. Piercing Where They Might  6:47
8. In the Court of the Crimson King Diamond  13:59
9. This Blood as Mortal  7:56
10. Phantom  16:40
11. White Spheres  0:01

Total Running:  1:19:54

United States of America

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