Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Velimor-Ancestry (2005)

Great debut full-length of pagan-infused Russian black metal, from Velimor. This album starts with a delicate, folksy intro, and then moves into some very well-written, melodically tinged pagan black metal, with some folk elements. There are some musical traits here reminiscent of the BlazeBirth Hall bands, however, this recording is not nearly as rawly produced as bands such as Branikald and Forest; there are also some slavic folk metal elements here, at times similar to Arkona, Butterfly Temple, and Svarga. Recommended to all fans of pagan black metal. Stellar Winter Records. 

1. The Grief of Sorrows  6:19
2. Wolfish to the Wolf, Sheepish to the Sheep  4:43
3. Storming Retribution  5:44
4. In the Ruin of the Golden Dream  5:20
5. By Darkness of Velimor  5:23
6. The Call  3:15
7. A Ray of the Sunrise  4:21
8. The Black Forest Breath  3:32

Total Running:  38:37


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