Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Veles-Black Hateful Metal (1997)

Another great release of raw 'n filthy Polish pagan black metal. As the title implies , this is quite hateful black metal, yet there is a pervasive folksy pagan atmosphere here that is not to be missed. In addition, this album includes the keyboard stylings of none other than the great Rob Darken. Recommended! No Colours Records. 

1. The Triumph of Pagan Beliefs  3:46
2. The Dawn of New Empire  6:27
3. Uralten  4:24
4. Broken Cross  3:32
5. the Spirit of Ancient Europe  7:38
6. The Temple of the Infernal Fire  3:19
7. Black Hateful Metal  9:20
8. Millennium of Disgrace  4:19
9. After the Battle  3:16

Total Running:  46:03


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