Thursday, May 22, 2008

Odal-...wilde Kraft (2005)

2005 full-length from German pagan black metal band, Odal. This is more absolutely amazing pagan black metal. Well-written, melodic riffs, a pervasive pagan atmosphere, a good, raw but not too raw production... this is every pagan black metal fan's wet dream. The music here sometimes reminds me of bands such as Satanic Warmaster, Taake, Angantyr, and even early Windir... so I would highly recommend this release to fans of those bands-but I would highly recommend this release to all black metal fans, as well. Christhunt Productions. 

1. Einklang  1:59
2. ...Wilde Kraft Entfesselt  6:09
3. Aus Hassgeschwellter Brust  4:48
4. Der Worte Gewalt  4:53
5. Die Rast Unter Der Eiche  1:40
6. Flammendes Schwert  6:06
7. Um Frei Zu Sein Pt. II  7:38
8. Gabe Der Vollkommenheit  7:17
9. Ausklang (Das Siegeslied)  4:09

Total Running:  44:39


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Friend please can you help me is that I need the album Odal 2008 but the link is damaged, thank you very much