Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ensiferum-1997-1999 (2005)

Here, we have the humble beginnings of a now-giant name in the world of folk metal, Ensiferum. This album contains their first three demos, and shows a slightly more raw, but nonetheless amazing Ensiferum as they were their first couple years. These demos contain many originals that were used/remade on later albums to follow, and it is interesting to see how this band's sound evolved from here. While not a necessary release, it still is quite good in it's own right. Recommended, especially to all Ensiferum fans. 

1. Frost  5:10
2. Old Man (Väinämöoinen)  6:31
3. Knighthood  5:32
4. Dreamer's Prelude  0:45
5. Little Dreamer (Väinämöoinen Part II)  4:50
6. Warrior's Quest  5:20
7. White Storm  5:10
8. Intro  1:01
9. Hero in a Dream  3:41
10. Eternal Wait  5:21
11. Battle Song  3:36
12. Guardians of Fate  3:26

Total Running:  50:23


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Rosa said...

thanks a lot! i love the old ensiferum and i havent listened the demos! =)