Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thyrfing-Urkraft (2000)

Absolutely phenomenal third album from Sweden's viking metal hordes, Thyrfing. This album, it seems, Thyrfing really perfected their viking metal formula, mixing equal parts hard n' heavy riffs and pagan rasps, with beautiful melodies, tasteful synths, and even some really good clean vocals. Easily my absolute favorite of Thyrfing's... there is not a bad song on the album. Even the cover song at the end (a Gary Moore cover, of all things!), they manage to make a rousing, epic metal tune. Overall, HIGHLY recommended to all fans of folk/viking metal, or just some epic fuckin' metal in general. Hammerheart Productions. 

1. Mjölnir  5:30
2. Dryckeskväde  3:54
3. Sweoland Conqueror  6:29
4. Home Again  7:44
5. The Breaking of Serenity  4:27
6. Eldfärd  1:31
7. Ways of a Parasite  4:39
8. Jord  5:16
9. The Slumber of Yesteryears  3:47
10. Till Valfader Urgammal  4:00
11. Urkraft  7:36
12. Over the Hills and Far Away (Gary Moore cover)  5:01

Total Running:  59:55



arbor said...

nice blog first time here.
But what is the pass for this one?

Anonymous said...

oops my mistake there is no pass