Thursday, May 15, 2008

Candlemass-Nightfall (1987)

My personal favorite Candlemass album, this is considered by many to be their finest work. Here, they perfected their epic doom formula, to make a truly EPIC release. Absolutely full to the brim with dark, doomy atmosphere, head-crushing riff after head crushing riff, Messiah's soaring vocals, this album has it all. If you want an epic doom metal release, this is the album for you. HIGHLY recommended. Active Records. 

1. Gothic Stone/The Well of Souls  8:15
2. Codex Gigas  2:20
3. At the Gallows End  5:47
4. Samarithan  5:30
5. Marche Funebre  2:22
6. Dark are the Veils of Death  7:07
7. Moruners Lament  6:09
8. Bewitched  6:37
9. Black Candles  2:16

Total Running:  46:15


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