Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Opeth-Still Life (1999)

Absolutely gorgeous 4th full-length from Opeth. This is where Opeth really began to come into their own, effortlessly melding their different influences and musical ideas into a wonderful, fully-coherent, beautiful album. Here, we have Opeth fully realizing the potential of their unique brand of progressive metal, creating a sound scape I could only describe as absolutely lush and full. This is the album that has set the tone for the following albums. HIGHLY recommended. Peaceville Records. 

1. The Moor  11:26
2. Godhead's Lament  9:47
3. Benighted  5:01
4. Moonlapse Vertigo  9:00
5. Face of Melinda  7:59
6. Serenity Painted Death  9:14
7. White Cluster  10:02

Total Running:  1:02:29


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