Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lurker of Chalice-Lurker of Chalice (2005)

Official debut LP from Lurker of Chalice. Here, it seems Wrest has perfected his experimental ambient black metal attack, with vast, hollow chasms of sound washing over you, dismal and disturbing samples, bizarre ambient sections, and, in place, a certain neofolk/industrial vibe. HIGHLY recommended, to all fans of Wrest's work with Leviathan, and anyone looking for a unique and memorable black metal experience. Total Holocaust Records. 

1. I  2:09
2. Piercing Where They Might  6:12
3. Spectre as Valkerie is  6:43
4. Minions  9:32
5. Paramnesia  4:08
6. This Blood Falls as Mortal Part III  10:36
7. Granite  5:27
8. Vortex Chalice  6:34
9. Fastened to the Five Points  8:32

Total Running:  59:53

United States of America

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